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Helpful hints for a great wax.
  • Let your hair grow out to about a quarter of an inch.
  • Moisturize and exfoliate, this will soften the skin and make removal easier.
  • Take a pain reliever! Why suffer for beauty, if you are sensitive, taking something an hour before will help.
  • Don’t wax when you are sensitive- before your period, after being in the sun or when you are on medications that affect your skin.
What are a Bikini, Teeny Bikini and a Brazilian?
Bikini: This type cleans up the sides, as well as a little off the top for low-rise bikinis and panties.
Teeny Bikini: Similar to the basic bikini was, this type takes about a half- inch more off each side and the top leaving a small strip down the middle.
Brazilian: Removes everything from the front and the back, the Brazilian leaves you completely bare.
Eyebrow Maintenance -$25
Eyebrow Design -$35
Upper Lip -$20
Eyebrow and Lip -$40
Chin -$20
Neck -$20
Cheek -$18
Full Arm -$50
Half Arm -$40
Underarm -$35
Stomach -$30
Full Leg -$80
Half Leg -$50
Back Wax -$65
Half Back Wax -$40
Chest wax -$45
Toe Wax -$15
Finger Wax -$15

Bikini -$40
Teeny Bikini -$50
Brazilian for Her -$65
Bikini wax with upper leg -$75
Bikini wax with full leg -$110
Teeny Bikini with upper leg -$95
Teeny Bikini with full leg -$120
Brazilian with upper leg -$110
Brazilian with full leg -$140